• Image of The Swimming Pool
  • Image of The Swimming Pool

Risograph Art Print in 3 colors
Limited edition of 50
Signed and numbered on front, Stamped and dated on back.
Size: A3 (29.7cm X 42cm)
Printed on Munken Lynx Paper, 240gms.

The Swimming Pool is an original gouache painting Inspired by a personal journey. A time when one's thoughts and feelings (Symbol of Water) are strong and grounded. He wishes to rise about the knowledge. The nature surroundings are for the growth and the heeling process. Painted to lift the spirit up.

Printed by Zohara Riso, TLV, Israel.
September 2020.

Risograph is a process similar to screen printing. It combines the best of digital and traditional print creating a beautiful and unique piece of art with a hand-made look and feel in colors and textures.
Due to it's special printing technique, there might be some variations between the prints and within the work.